An introduction from our Chairman:

8 November 2021

Dear Friends

The last 18 months have been both challenging and forever changing and it has impacted heavily on all of us. It has not been easy. So, too, the challenge of living for Jesus in our relentlessly secular world, it is often really hard.

So, for 2022, we are going back to what really counts, our relationship with the Lord Jesus. Looking once more to a sovereign God who abounds in love, compassion and mercy, whose word restores the broken and feeds the hungry and lifts up the downcast and renews us with confidence and strength.  As our hearts and minds are changed and renewed by his word so we give ourselves afresh in love and service, from the inside out devoted to Jesus!

And yes we are so much looking forward to being back in Eastbourne, at the Congress Theatre and welcoming you all, face to face, for Bible by the Beach 2022.

Revd David Bourne 
Chair of Trustees