An evening with...

All Souls Orchestra

Join Michael Andrews with members of the All Souls Orchestra in an eclectic concert featuring a range of music styles to suit many tastes.

As well as conductor and organist, Michael is known for his love of jazz and musicals and will be featuring various members of the Orchestra, singers and band.

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

Sunday 1st May, 9:15pm


per person (free to delegates)

The concert is preceded at 7:15pm by an Evening Celebration with Graham Beynon – free to all!

We are delighted to welcome back the All Souls Orchestra and to share this special year with them...

2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of the All Souls Orchestra!  From their early days as a few instrumentalists supporting congregational singing at All Souls Church to the vibrant, energetic orchestra bringing Prom Praise annually to the Royal Albert Hall, the ASO is a thriving community of musicians, scattered throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. The ASO voluntarily comes together to spread the hope of Christ through music, supporting churches, schools, hospitals and communities through large and small scale concerts and services locally and around the world.

Since we last joined Bible by the Beach much has changed as new Director of Music, Michael Andrews, has steered us through all the changes the pandemic brought and made full use of the online opportunities to explore new ways of sharing the timeless message of the gospel."

To learn more about the ASO and to be part of it’s story going forward, visit