We are delighted to welcome EMU Music who will be leading our music worship over the weekend.

Philip Percival is Music Minister at St Ebbe's Church, Oxford. He loves helping Church musicians grow in their gifts to serve their church, and teaches the Bible and practical skills at conferences and seminars around the world. He is the author of Then Sings My Soul, a book about Biblical music ministry for every Christian. He also writes songs, and is perhaps best known for the music for Consider Christ and Never Alone.

Alanna Glover was previously a church music director in Sydney and member of the band Garage Hymnal. She now lives in Oxford where she splits her time between working for Emu and being a mum. Alanna has developed the Word In Song online course for church musicians, as well as being a songwriter, song leader, graphic designer and trainer.

Liv Chapman has been writing and singing for Emu for many years and continues to be involved with the albums and the Word In Song UK team, as well as developing new music and resources for Emu Youth. Liv has a passion for youth and women's ministry and is available to speak and/or play at events (evangelistic or internal); please do get in touch! 


EMU Music